Joining in on the flow

Good Energy has come together from a diverse set of influences...  culinary arts, holistic nutrition & wellness, tai chi, qigong, yoga, meditation, energy works, herbalism, sacred earthing, gardening, creative arts, and whole being transformation for all.  We have programs and events for adults and families,  and our focus is helping the next generations navigate the world today and prepare them for tomorrow.

Upcoming Workhouse Art Center Workshops & Classes

ARTISTIC PALATE:  Join Artist Kathy Strauss and me at the Workhouse Art Center on the 1st Friday of every month  beginning March 3rd 6-9pm.  You will gain experience in making cocktails & mocktails, something to nosh on, and create a beautiful work of art.  The link below will take you to the reservations page.  This class is under Special Event.

TASTING CLUB:  Are you a foodie?  Or, do you just want to expand your knowledge of food?  The Tasting Club helps to broaden your understanding about cheeses,  honeys, teas, olive oils & balsamic vinegars, and chocolates.  The link below will take you to the reservations page of the Workhouse.  The workshops are available via the Culinary Arts.

THE MYSTERY BOX:  Have you ever wanted to test your cooking skills like they do on “CHOPPED”?  Well this workshop is for you.  We have created a workshop that is one of a kind.  Working in teams of 2 (couples, parent & child, best friends, or co-workers) will be given a mystery box of ingredients.  Your team will then produce a dish using those ingredients and items from the pantry!  All the teams will share their creations.

FUELING THE FIRE-COOKING FOR ATHLETES:  When competing, your body requires more fuel. Many athletes don't know how to eat for peak performance. Learn how to menu plan and prepare meals that will fuel the fire and aid in better results.