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Good Energy has come together from a diverse set of influences...  culinary arts, high vibrational nutrition & wellness, empathic alchemy, qigong, meditation, energy works, herbalism, sacred earthing, gardening, creative arts, and whole being transformation for all.  We have programs and events for adults, children, and families. Our focus is helping the next generations navigate the world today and prepare them for tomorrow.


Natural Beauty (Make and Take)

March 18th
4:30-7:30pm                    Crystal Cognizance 

Energy Exchange $70 (EARLY BIRD PRICE is $60)

Create your own beauty, tailor made for your needs. Amplify your beauty routine with the power of plant medicine. Infuse your body butter with the healing power of Calendula. Detox your face with a hibiscus clay mask. Battle cellulite with coffee and sugar scrub.
Blend a serum that enables your hair to grow thicker. Learn how
herbs, essential oils, butters, clays, salts, sugars, and even fruits & veggies can make you glow!!! Experience the freedom and the joy of making your own beauty products.

Early Spring High-Vibe Foraging Adventure

March 24th        11am-3pm

Leesylvania State Park

all ages

Definition of Foraging, at its most basic level, is the act of finding
and harvesting wild foods. ... Yet there are many edible plants that
grow "wild" all around us—the trick, as with mushrooms, is knowing when and where to look...
We will explore our natural environment early in the season. Bring your phone, bring your camera, bring a note book to jot down what to look for. Mother Earth has shared with a bounty that nourishes and heals us. As we follow the trails, we may smell ramps, find some turkey tail mushrooms, identify edible blooming trees, nettles,
jewelweed, junipers, or even the coveted fiddlehead fern. These are some of the amazing and common plants found in and around our area.
During our adventure with nature we will delve into mindful foraging practices, meditation, and other sacred earthings techniques to enhance and encourage foraging as a practice for your everyday life.
Bring a bag lunch for a picnic by the Potomac River! Lots of water to stay hydrated! And a bag/backpack to keep your hands free. Oh, and
of course comfy shoes for mildly challenging terrain.

Energetic Exchange:
Early Bird Special $25/$35 day of event




“A shift in perspective makes the particles in your universe dance to new possibilities.”

— "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers" a true story by Annie Kagan